Reservoir Dimensions ApS is an independent consultancy company providing 3D static reservoir characterization services to E&P companies. Reservoir Dimensions ApS was founded in 2005. The founder and director of the company, René Dam Pedersen has 8 years experience, mainly in the in the service industry serving Oil & Gas companies. The core competence of the company lies within 3D reservoir modelling (Petrel), generating static reservoir models; both fine scale geological reservoir grids and coarse orthogonal simulation grids. René Dam Pedersen has extensively experience within 3D reservoir modelling from projects in the North Sea, North Africa and the Middle East. The reservoir modelling work performed by Reservoir Dimensions ApS is high quality work carried out in close corporation with both the G&G staff and the reservoir engineering staff of the E&P companies.
• Reservoir characterization projects - 3D modelling of exploration, development and producing reservoirs - Structural modelling of complex faulted fields, geological grids as well as simulation grids - Detailed facies and petrophysical modelling • On-site 3D reservoir modelling support (Petrel) - Software support as well as modelling methodology support • Training and mentoring on reservoir modelling (Petrel) - Hands on training of junior geologists • Optimisation of existing reservoir models - Advice on improvement of existing reservoir models • Probabilistic volumetrics and uncertainty analysis (static reservoir parameters) - Reservoir characterization and sensitivity analysis of all parameters going into the static reservoir model. • 3D visualization - Generate illustrative figures of reservoir parameters for presentations and reports
• Hess Denmark, Danish North Sea - GEO grid and SIM grid structural modelling (Carbonate Field) • DONG Energy, Danish North Sea - Structural, facies, petrophysical modelling (Licence purchase evaluation) (Shoreface depositions) (HPHT) • DONG Energy, Danish North Sea - Seismic interpretation, structural, facies and petrophysical modelling. Probabilistic volumetrics (Full Field Development) (Shoreface depositions) (HPHT) • DONG Energy, Danish North Sea - Structural and petrophysical modelling (Prospect evaluation) (Carbonate Field) • DONG Energy,Danish North Sea - Seismic interpretation, structural, facies and petrophysical modelling. Probabilistic volumetrics (Shoreface depositions) • BUNDUQ,UAE Arabian Gulf - Geological and simulation model optimisation (Carbonate Field) • Altinex, North Sea - Simple 3D modelling of prospect
Name: René Dam Pedersen Date of birth: January 13th 1971 Place of birth: Denmark Nationality: Danish Location: Copenhagen, Denmark Summary of qualifications: •In-depth 3D Reservoir modelling - Structural modelling - Property modelling - Geo Statistics - Good knowledge of 2D mapping •Basic seismic interpretation •Basic well correlation •Marine geology